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“The moment of inspiration does not come to someone who lolls around expecting the gift to be free.  It is no giveaway.  It is the pearl for which we have to pay a great price, the price of intense loneliness, the price of our vulnerability which often allows us to be hurt; the less readily understandable price of hurting those we love, even though in less radical ways than Gauguin.”  Madeline L’Engle

“Artists have always been drawn to the wild, wide  elements they cannot control or understand—the sea, the mountains, fire.  To be an artist means to approach the light, and that means to let go our control, to allow our whole sevles to be placed with absolute faith in that which is greater than we are.”  Madeline L’Engle

“Anna knew she had to cross the desert.  Over it, on the far side, were mountains–purple and orange and grey.  The colours of the dream were extraordinarily beautiful and vivid.  The dream marked a change in Anna, in her knowledge of herself.  In the desert she was alone, and there was no water, and she was a long way from the springs.  She woke knowing that if she was to cross the desert she must shed burdens.”

Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook

“There are some moments in life that are like pivots around which your existence turns–small intuitive flashes, when you know you have done something correct for a change, when you think you are on the right track.  I watched a pale dawn streak the cliffs with Day-glo and realized this was one of them.  It was a moment of pure, uncomplicated confidence — and lasted about ten seconds.”

Robyn Davidson, Tracks

“Know yourself, allow yourself to be known, and you will have lived.”

“The trees’ canopies, interlacing hundreds of feet overhead, filter out the sky…Among the huge ridged trunks and limbs cushioned thick with mosses, the main impression is of silence, a silence so resilient you can almost press it with your hand and feel its flex.  Rain is filtering through the giants as we walk, but the silence somehow rises to envelop the droplets.  And the running stream. And the bubbling call of the wren. And the sound of our footsteps along the elk trail we are following.  It is a dense web of silence, a silence that includes sounds, a silence that hums with the body electric of an ancient community of living beings.”

Carl Safina, Song for the Blue Ocean