Blood fire

The first hint of warmth

crackles along my skin

curling smoke

like a Siren’s incense

begins to tickle my nostrils.

You tease it up

the licking flames

move under my skin

And I am inextricably drawn

toward the hungry heat.

It burns

burning descends down

taking its bittersweet fingers

to the hidden places.


You are a fire in my blood

I fear to be consumed

left with dust and ash

like winter’s deadening breath

spreading over my soul.

But the fire’s intensity

devours my fear

ushering me

into a strange place.

When it passes

fading into memory

the smell

pungent in my nostrils

I open my eyes

to see the vivid green

of a new world.

The fire destroyed the old

and now

I cannot go back to the mild pastures

of my lackluster control.

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