The sea shell box

I just can’t get used to

this thing

that happens in life

of losing people


of things that I care about

I know new gifts come

but I’ve always had problems

with releasing the old

to make room for the new

I can’t even sell things

at a garage sale

without thinking of them

in the years that come.

I remember

the box covered in sea shells

with the red velvet lining

It was one of my first

jewelry boxes

as a girl

I treasured it

and kept my treasures

in it

So many times

I tried to downsize

and part with my treasures

But I kept that

seashell box

with the red velvet lining

But one day

I tried to be strong

go through all my possessions

be a minimalist

discard sentimentalism

be strong



Put away childish things

So I gave it up.

I am an adult

I am almost middle aged

So why do I still think about that little seashell box?

Does it represent the person I have in my mind

I will someday be?

Does the fact that I still think about it

indicate that I will never be that person?




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