Secret Delight

We have a secret
you and I

The bird's delicate quiver
as it alights on a branch,
the ancient silence
of the thick-carpeted forest,
the smoldering ember
of evening's muted greeting. 

I catch my breath
and release it softly
tenderly welcoming
the pleasure imbuing my body
like a poppy just turning
its longing head
towards the morning sun
I am overcome
by a quiet rapture
of unspoken insight
and there can be no doubt
I am alive.

And I smile
at you
with the delighted camaraderie
of a shared secret
lost on those
who rush past
the black bug with the purple wings,
who shake off the delicate dewdrops
capturing the spider's lace
while trying to squeeze into their car.

We smile together
and do not speak
because we both understand
and silence can reveal everything.

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