I shyly turn towards God

eyes lowered

bashfully aware

of my pock-marked soul

my greedy agenda

my sucking thirst for praise.

And yet

like a whisper of grasses

lisping across your skin

as you stride along the narrow path

you feel the firstfruits

of a healing touch

so potent and powerful

that you dance around its spotlight

putting one toe in

feeling a shiver of delight

before quickly drawing it out.

My courage grows

I put two arms in

but the shocking reality

of love unconditional

is too much.

I quickly draw them out

my self protective fierceness

like China’s great wall

is crumbling

not against my will

but still slowly

as my reticent modesty

fears too much

too soon.

Naked one day

I will stand

without shame

fully embracing

the wonderous delight

of being loved.


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